Risen Movie is released in the year 2021. Risen is on Sci-Fi, Thriller based movie where you can enjoy watching these types of categories. The Director of this movie is Eddie Arya.

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The main hero and heroine and a few important actors and comedians of this movie are Terri Purchase, Buffy Anne Littaua, Natalie Rose.

If you are a Sci-Fi, Thriller type movie lover then you will enjoy watching it.

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Movie NameRisen
Hero Name
Heroine Name Terri Purchase
Director NameEddie Arya
Cast CrewTerri Purchase, Buffy Anne Littaua, Natalie Rose
CategorySci-Fi, Thriller
Release DateAug 20
Available LanguageTelugu, English
Box Office Collection

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Risen has crossed over 2cr in the collection, in a short period of time. The highest collection of Risen is about 2cr by now. (This data is of July).

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