Kurup Movie is released in the year 2021. Kurup is on Biography, Crime, Thriller based movie where you can enjoy watching these types of categories. The Director of this movie is Srinath Rajendran.

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The main hero and heroine and a few important actors and comedians of this movie are Sobhita Dhulipala, Dulquer Salmaan, Manoj Bajpayee.

If you are a Biography, Crime, Thriller type movie lover then you will enjoy watching it.

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Movie NameKurup
Hero NameDulquer Salmaan
Heroine Name Sobhita Dhulipala
Director NameSrinath Rajendran
Cast CrewSobhita Dhulipala, Dulquer Salmaan, Manoj Bajpayee
CategoryBiography, Crime, Thriller
Available LanguageTelugu
Release Date4 November
Box Office Collection

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Kurup has crossed over 2cr in the collection, in a short period of time. The highest collection of Kurup is about 2cr by now. (This data is of this month).

Here are the latest songs of Kurup that are available to watch on youtube. You can check or listen to the songs from the link available here. (Top Songs of the Movie)


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Kurup Mp3 Songs

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Kurup songs are available to listen to now on the ibomma website. Here on this site, you can find the Kurup mp3 songs mass Tamilian. To listen to the lyrics of the Kurup songs, check below the songs with the song titles.

Here we have also listed the information about the Kurup movie ibomma. If you are interested in knowing more about the movie and movie info you can check them above.

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Kurup Naa Songs Mp3

Kurup naa songs are available here in 12 different formats like mp3 format which is mostly used on all devices. WAV format, OGG format, FLAC format, M3U format, ACC format, WMA format, MIDI format, AIF format, M4A format, MPA format, and PLS format.

Kurup movie songs are well made with beautiful lyrics and awesome background sounds. Kurup movie songs are sung by the famous singers in all over south India.

The singer in this movie is Shenbagaraj,Haripriya,Deepak Blue and others.

The number of songs in this ibomma new movie is listed below.

  1. SimhapuJulu Ni Patti
  2. Edi Paravasamo
  3. Dingiri Dingale

So, these are the few songs from the Kurup naa songs ibomma.

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Kurup Lyrics

Kurup movie lyrics are available in different languages to listen to or to read in the text format. If you are a lyrics lover then do check out the below song lyrics.

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Details of Kurup song lyrics?

Kurup song lyrics are known for the song in the readable text format, the song lyrics of this movie are as follows.

SimhapuJulu Ni Patti  lyrics are shown below to read or sing.

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Edi Paravasamo  lyrics are shown below to read or sing.

Dingiri Dingale lyrics are shown below to read or sing.

Song Lyrics 1

SimhapuJulu Ni Patti 

Simhapu Juluni Patti
Aakasha Theeram Dhaati
Gaalula Odilo Theli
Kaalapu Kannulu Moose

Oo Oo, Anthdantharwaahini

Aagani Niluvani Aata
Adugaduguno Veta
Oohakandhade Poota
Athade Sisalaina Antharwaahini

Simhapu Juluni Patti
Aakasha Theeram Dhaati
Gaalula Odilo Theli
Kaalapu Kannulu Moose


Song Lyrics 2

Edi Paravasamo 

Edi Paravasamo Tholi Kalavaramo
Edha Malupulalo… Medhilina Swaramo
Yedha Vanikinadhi… Ninu Pilichinadi
Ninu Thaluvagane Madhuvolikinadhi

Song Lyrics 3

Dingiri Dingale

Dingari Dingaale
Ammaadi.. Dingari Dingaale
Madhuramaina Oohalalli

Dingari Dingaale
Ammaadi.. Dingari Dingaale
Madhuramaina Oohalalli

Pakkintlo Unna… Rangeli Bomma
Konchem Vaatesthe Petteyna Chumma
Bell Bottom Pant Vesi
High Heels Shoes Thodigi
Chepamalle Jaaruddhi Gumma

Raave Raave Raave
Naa Vanka… Raave Raave
Iyvey Iyvey
O Giftu Iyvey… Iyvey Iyvey

Moju Padda… Kurradani Pose Lo
Oka Mazaa Undhe… Muddhu Gumma
Kallu Moosi… Ninne Nenu Thalavaga
Arre Nuvve Naa Kalala Thalupu Theesavanta

Bread Ki Vennapoose Missamma
Nuvvu Lekunte Aakali Ledhe
Bread Ki Vennapoose Missamma
Nuvvu Lekunte Aakali Ledhe

Neekosam Prema Prema
Oka Sandhraanne Eedhosthaane
Sye Ante Bhaama Bhaama
Matsa Yanthraanne Kottesthane

Raave Raave Raave
Naa Vanka… Raave Raave
Iyvey Iyvey
O Giftu Iyvey… Iyvey Iyvey ||2||

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