Bimbisara Movie is released in the year 2022. Bimbisara is an Adventure, Drama, and Action based movie where you can enjoy watching these types of categories. The Director of this movie is Mallidi Vassishta.

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The main hero and heroine and a few important actors and comedians of this movie are Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, Catherine Tresa.

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Movie NameBimbisara
Hero NameNandamuri Kalyan Ram
Heroine Name Catherine Tresa
Director NameMallidi Vassishta
Cast CrewNandamuri Kalyan Ram, Catherine Tresa
CategoryAdventure, Drama, Action
Available LanguageTelugu
Release Date5 August 2022
Box Office Collection

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Bimbisara has crossed over 2cr in the collection, in a short period of time. The highest collection of Bimbisara is about 2cr by now. (This data is of July).

Here are the latest songs of Bimbisara that are available to watch on youtube. You can check or listen to the songs from the link available here. (Top Songs of the Movie)


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Bimbisara Mp3 Songs

Bimbisara songs are available to listen to now on the ibomma website. Here on this site, you can find the Bimbisara mp3 songs mass Tamilian. To listen to the lyrics of the Bimbisara songs, check below the songs with the song titles.

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Bimbisara Naa Songs Mp3

Bimbisara naa songs are available here in 12 different formats like mp3 format which is mostly used on all devices. WAV format, OGG format, FLAC format, M3U format, ACC format, WMA format, MIDI format, AIF format, M4A format, MPA format, and PLS format.

Bimbisara movie songs are well made with beautiful lyrics and awesome background sounds. Bimbisara movie songs are sung by the famous singers in all over south India.

The singer of this movie is M. M. Keeravani and others.

The number of songs in this ibomma new movie is listed below.

  1. Eeshwarude
  2. o tene palukula
  3. neetho unte chalu
  4. Vijayaho
  5. Gulebakavali
  6. Bimbi bimbisara – rap song

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Bimbisara Lyrics

Bimbisara movie lyrics are available in different languages to listen to or to read in the text format. If you are a lyrics lover then do check out the below song lyrics.

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Details of Bimbisara song lyrics?

Bimbisara song lyrics are known for the song in the readable text format, the song lyrics of this movie are as follows.

Eeshwarude lyrics are shown below to read or sing.

O Tene Palukula lyrics are shown below to read or sing.

Neetho unte chalu lyrics are shown below to read or sing.

O thene palukula ammaayi Song Lyrics

O thene palukula ammaayi
Nee teega nadumulo sannaayi
Laaginde ey ey ey

Oh kora meesapu abbaayi
Nee ora choopula lallaayi
Baagundoy oh oh oh oye

Nee chempala nunupu
Buggala erupu ooristunnaay
Nee maatala virupu
Aatala odupu
Gunde pattukoni aadistunnaay

Nee venta vellamani thittestunnaay
Nee janta kattamani kottestunnaay
Naa poru ishtamani navvistunnaay
Nee daari pattamani duvvestunnaay

Muddu muddu nee maata chappudu
Niddaroddu antunde
Poddu maapulu mundu yeppudu
Ninnu techhi chooputunte

Poola thotalo kaali baatalo
Gaali allari neede
Cheera kattulo yerra bottulo
Verri vepudu neede

Nee navvula thelupu
Muvvala pilupu
Mundukellamani nettestunnaay
Nee venta vellamani thittestunnaay
Nee janta kattamani kottestunnaay

Nee poru ishtamani navvestunnaay
Nee daari pattamani duvvestunnaay

Goda chaatu nee donga choopulu
Manta petti pothunnaay
Pattu parpulu malle paanpulu
Nachhakunda chestunnaay

Moothi virpulu theepi tippalu
Rechhagotti choostunnaay
Soku katthulu haayi noppulu
Nokki nokki navvuthunnaay

Nee thempari thalapulu
Moham thalupulu
Thiyyi thiyyamani baadestunnaay

Nee venta vellamani thittestunnaay
Nee janta kattamani kottesthunnay
Nee poru ishtamani navvisthunnaay
Nee daari pattamani duvvesthunnaay

O thene palukulaa ammaayi
Nee theega nadumulo sannaayi
Laaginde ey ey ey

Song Lyrics 2


Gunde daati gonthu daati
Palikindedo vainam
Moduvaarina manasulone
Molichindedo pranam

Aa kannullone gangai pongina anaadam
Kalamtho parihasam chesina sneham
Poddulu daati haddulu daati
Jagamulu daati yugmulu daati

Cheyandinchamandi oka paasam
Runapasam vidhi vilaasam
Cheyyandinchamandi okaa paasam
Runapasam vidhi vilaasam

Adgaale kaani
Edaina ichhe annayyanoutha
Pilawaale kaani
Paliketi todu needayi potha

Neetho unte chalu
Sarithugavu saamrajyalu
Raatri paglu lede dugulu
Tadise kannulu idiwarakerugani
Premalo garamlo

Cheyandinchamandi oka paasam
Runapasam vidhi vilaasam
Cheyyandinchamandi okaa paasam

Runapasam vidhi vilaasam
Noraara velige navvulni nennu
Kallara choosa
Reppallo odhige kantipapallo
Nannu nennu kalisaa

Neetho unte chalu
Sarithugavu saamrajyalu
Raatri paglu lede dugulu
Tadise kanulu idiwarakerugani
Premalo garamlo

Pranaalu isthanandi oka paasam
Runapaasam vidhivilaasam
Cheyyandinchamandi oka bandham
Runaa bandham

Aatallone paatallone
Velisindedo swargam
Raje nedu bantaipoyina
Raajyam neeke sontham

Song Lyrics 3


The Mighty, The Fearless

The Powerful… Behold The Emperor

Bimbisaraa Aa

He’s Rising From The Ashes

He’s The Beast

Watching Him Is

More Than A Feast

There Is No One Yet

That Can Defeat

Bimbisara Is The Demon

You’ll Meet

Wow Wow Wow Wow

Wow Wow Wow Wow

Wow Wow Wow Wow

Oh Ho Wait, Even His Shadow Fears

Just To Follow Him So Very Near

Haters Bark And He Doesn’t Care Oh Dear

Bimbisara Is The Strongest You’ll Meet

His Strength Is More Than A BulletProof

No Matter How Hard You Try

He’s Gonna Be Aloof

His Dynamic Smile Is His Sharped Sword

Don’t You Dare, You’ll Be Out Of The Roof

Bimbisaraa… Bimbisaraa

His Greatest Glory

Is In Every Step He Takes

His Biggest Paws

In Every Move He Makes

His Eagle Eyes

In Every Target He Lays

His Legacy

In Every Era, It Stays

He’s Unstoppable… He’s Unbeatable

He’s Unmatchable… He’s Unbreachable

He’s Uncontrolled… He’s Unsubdued

He’s Undefeated… He’s Unbeaten

Bim Bim Bimbisara

Bim Bim Bim Bimbisara

Bim Bimbi Bim Bimbi Bimbisara

Bimbi Bimbi Bimi Bimbisara

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